March 2010
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Top of the mind Ad Survey  | No Zoozoos; Colgate  shows its  teeth

The survey, conducted by Synovate India and supported by ad monitoring firm TVAdIndx, covered 759 respondents from high-income groups--257 in New Delhi, 250 in Mumbai and 252 in Bangalore.

The top television advertisement for January was Colgate-Palmolive IndiaLtd’s toothpaste commercial that touts Colgate as the first choice of dentists, according to the Mint-Synovate-TVAdIndx survey. A product variant for sensitive teeth was ranked 15th.

The survey, conducted by Synovate India and supported by ad monitoring firm TVAdIndx, covered 759 respondents from high-income groups—257 in New Delhi, 250 in Mumbai and 252 in Bangalore.

After being at the top of the charts for two months, ads featuring Vodafone Essar Ltd’s comic characters Zoozoos were no longer among the top 15 television ads.

Commercials of mobile phone operators Idea Cellular Ltd and Vodafone were ranked second and fourth, respectively.
An advertisement for Nirma Ltd’s eponymous detergent powder came in third. In the ad, a woman freezes in mid-air dirty water that is about to splash on her white sari by singing the Nirma jingle.

The top three commercials ranked high in brand recall, with 99% of the respondents recalling the brands. On awareness, 75% or more of them replied in the affirmative regarding as many as six products.

Two advertisements for Reliance Big TV direct-to-home satellite TV service featured in the top 15, ranked fifth and 12th, respectively. Both the commercials emphasized the 230 channels the operator offers, underlining greater choice for subscribers.

Although ads for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes came in seventh and 14th, the commercials were slammed by our expert Santosh Desai, chief executive officer of Future Brands.

“Personally, this is the kind of advertising I think the industry is well advised to avoid since it makes the case for regulating claims that much stronger,” says Desai. “To sell cornflakes as an antidote for dumbness, however tongue-in-cheek the execution, is just an untenable premise.”

“To connect iron in the product with intelligence and to do it so ham-handedly is an insult to the viewers, er, intelligence, something the brand is clearly betting against,” he adds.

Following the trend in December, cricket stars were absent from the top 15 ads in January.

In the ad diagnostics score, which helps advertisers understand how successful their ads have been in breaking through the clutter, scores fell to below 82, compared with the top five ads in December scoring above 90.

The likeability factor also continued to decline. None of the commercials managed to score more than 86%, compared with the top five ads scoring 90% and above in December and the top three ads scoring 100% on this measure in November.

Top television ads in January

The top ads are selected on the basis of their score on the ad reach index. This score is calculated by multiplying the awareness score and the brand recall score and dividing this by 100.


                                   Brand Awareness    Brand Recall           Ad Reach Index

1 Colgate Strong Teeth     87%                           99%                      86%
15 Colgate Sensitive          59%                            74%                     44%


At Nos. 1 and 15 are two ads for Colgate. In the first one, a young girl, pretending to be a dentist, checks her doll’s teeth. Her mother, who is a dentist, explains to her the benefits of using Colgate, which reaches between the teeth and whose calcium and mineral formula prevents decay. The tag line: The No. 1 choice of dentists.

In the second ad, a dentist advocates the use of Colgate Sensitive for people with sensitive teeth. It’s said to form a protective shield on the teeth and give fast relief. The tag line: The No. 1 brand recommended by dentists.

2 IDEA Brand Awareness    Brand Recall       Ad Reach Index
            89%                            99%                          84%

Lowe Worldwide

A person is trying to cut the last tree standing. As he does so, mobile phones hanging from the tree branches start ringing and the face of actor Abhishek Bachchan appears on the trunk. “Idea”, he says. The idea: To save trees, people should use their mobile phones and save paper. The tag line: What an idea, Sirji!


3 Nirma     Brand Awareness    Brand Recall       Ad Reach Index
                     89%                            99%                          84%



A woman in a white sari is walking back home after buying groceries. A car zooms past, splashing muddy water. When she sees this, she starts singing the Nirma washing powder jingle, which stops the water in mid-air, saving her from getting drenched. The woman walks away, without a spot on her sari.

4 Vodaphone     Brand Awareness    Brand Recall       Ad Reach Index
                         80%                            95%                          76%


Ogilvy and Mather

A woman with frizzy hair enters a pet shop. The shopkeeper shows her puppies of different breeds, but she doesn’t like any of them. Finally, he shows her one which has frizzy hair just like hers. She likes it. The tag line: Find the one that suits you the best.

                             Brand Awareness    Brand Recall           Ad Reach Index

5 Reliance Big TV     75%                           98%                      74%
12                            75%                            69%                     49%


Leo Burnett

At Nos. 5 and 12 are two ads for Reliance Big TV. In the first one, a man says he got Reliance Big TV after moving into a
new house. While his local cable connection gave him only 60 channels, Reliance Big TV gives him 230.

In the second ad, a homemaker talks about how she convinced her husband to get Reliance Big TV at home. She says he
was so impressed with its superior features—230 channels and exclusive cinema channels—that he had to get it.

6 Miranda Orange     Brand Awareness    Brand Recall       Ad Reach Index
                                   79%                            91%                          72%



Actor Asin says that a litre of water isn’t enough for every member of a family to bathe. Similarly, a litre of petrol isn’t enough for a tour of the country. But the new Mirinda Orange 1-litre home pack is big enough for the entire family. The tag line: Poori family ke liye perrrfect (Just perfect for the whole family).

                              Brand Awareness    Brand Recall           Ad Reach Index

7 Kellogs Corn Flakes     65%                           97%                      63%
 14                                   65%                            69%                     45%


In the ad at No. 7, a boy mugs up chemistry formulae for his test. But it’s a Hindi test, not a chemistry one, that day. He is embarrassed. At home, his mother gives him Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, which has iron, that keeps the brain alert.

In the ad at No. 14, a woman is at a wedding when a friend calls. The woman speaks ill of the groom’s mother on the phone. Suddenly, she realizes she is in front of a loudspeaker. But it’s too late, everyone has heard her. She is embarrassed. Her solution: She buys Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, that keeps the brain alert.


8 Lifebuoy Total           Brand Awareness    Brand Recall       Ad Reach Index
                                         69%                            87%                          60%


Lowe Worldwide

A little boy is learning to count till 10. He tries to use things such as tyres, pebbles, fruits and a kitten, among others. He is at No. 9 when a doctor asks him to show his hand. The doctor puts a bar of Lifebuoy soap on the boy’s dirty palm. The bar costs Rs10; the boy’s counting is now complete. The tag line: Koi dar nahi (No fear).


9 Parle G                     Brand Awareness    Brand Recall       Ad Reach Index
                                         64%                            88%                          66%


Grey Worldwide


Actor Aamir Khan is playing cricket with some children when the ball smashes a windowpane at an elderly woman’s house. Khan and the children are surprised when she doesn’t lose her temper. It turns out that she has got a notice to vacate the house. Khan and the children move to the rescue, scaring away the buyers by making them believe the house is haunted. The tag line: G for genius.


10 Coca Cola India                 Brand Awareness    Brand Recall       Ad Reach Index
                                                       67%                            87%                          54%



McCann Erickson

Teenagers around the world are shown enjoying meals, along with Coca-Cola, with their families and vouching for home-cooked food. The last shot is of a mother clutching a bag of groceries, which contains a bottle of Coke. The tag line: Open happiness.

11 Ariel Oxy Blue                Brand Awareness    Brand Recall        Ad Reach Index
                                                   66%                            75%                          50%

Saatchi and Saatchi

A scientist at the Ariel OxyBlu research centre says the detergent can remove even the most stubborn stains. He demonstrates this by cleaning his lab coat, which has rust stains, with Ariel OxyBlu. It’s easy to wash off the stains—leaving the fabric smooth.


13 Sunfeat Marie Light        Brand Awareness    Brand Recall        Ad Reach Index
                                                       61%                         48%                      78%

Fcb Ulka

A couple is out when it starts raining. They take shelter in a nearby restaurant. The woman gives her husband a Sunfeast Marie Light biscuit. He takes a bite, looks out of the window and sees some children playing. He takes his wife’s hand and steps out to enjoy the rain. The tag line: Light khao, light raho (Eat light, stay light).
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