July 2010
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Obama lauds Indian woman who came to build her dreams

Washington: Prachee Devadas, moved to U.S. to turn her entrepreneurial dreams into reality. There he successfully set up a technology services company that has grown from 1 to 120 employees. In a bid to inspire the upcoming entrepreneurs U.S. President Obama has met the small business entrepreneurs at White House and there he lauded this successful Indian woman entrepreneur for her success.

Prachee Devadas is the President and CEO of Synergy Enterprises, a certified woman-owned company, provides information technology and management consulting services to local, national, and international clientele in the public and private sectors. Her husband Anand Devadas is the Vice President of the company. Before starting SEI, Prachee J. Devadas worked for small companies gaining experience in business development, managing multimillion-dollar contracts while providing professional services in training and technical assistance, publication development, grant review and conference management.

Prachee arrived in the U.S. States in 1986 after receiving her bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Pune. Since inception, Synergy Enterprises, Inc. has grown from 1 to over 120 employees and was named among Washington Technology's 2008 Top 25 small contractors.

"Prachee told me that when she started, she had just one employee. Today, she employs more than a hundred people-including her husband Anand, who is here today," said Obama with the Indian American couple sharing the stage with him after a meeting with a group of small business owners.

"Historically, small businesses have created roughly two out of every three new jobs in our country. To replace the millions of jobs lost in the recession, we need to make sure small companies are able to open up, expand, and add names to their payrolls," he said.

"Small businesses will help lead this economic recovery. And that's why we will continue to stand by them," Obama said. "But ensuring that small businesses can thrive is about more than just economic success."

"It's also about who we are as a people. It's about a nation where anybody who's got a good idea and a willingness to work hard can succeed. That's the central promise of America."

"It's that promise that has drawn millions of people to our shores. It's what drives workers to become their own bosses. It's what propels some basement inventor to bring a new concept to market," Obama said citing the example of Devadas couple.

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