October 2010
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Silicon India unveils platform to strengthen CSR in India Confused of Indian CSR?

Bangalore: We are so engrossed with our personal and professional lives that it leaves us hardly any time to think or do something about the less fortunate ones. Companies across the globe have the prime motive of making profit and run their business to grow big. Is it then a case of Objectivism as proposed by Ayn Rand, as a philosophy of living on earth, which the modern world is following?

Fortunately not! Even in the profit making businesses, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a primary duty. However, many activities by the corporates or individuals are never revealed, and hence they fail to enthuse the people at large. So, SiliconIndia will provide a new platform through their portal siliconindia.org to bring such activities to the limelight and encourage everyone to take their bits of learning from it and contribute more for the social good. "The CSR activities of TATA, Birla or Infosys, Wipro is always in the limelight. But think about a small firm addressing some local needs as a part of their social duties in some corners of North-East. It is to encourage such activities and empower the organizations more, our new platform is set into place," says Gunjan Sinha, Chairman of SiliconIndia.

As a part of CSR, Indian companies are spending about Rs.30,000 crore in a year, where the company indulges in sustainable or responsible activities that point to its good intentions as a corporate citizen. But when it comes to awareness even within the organization, there is a huge gap. Harvi Sachar, CEO of SiliconIndia explains, "When we talk to employees at the lower rungs, they are hardly aware of the any societal initiatives of the company and the case remains intact for corporate bigwigs. There is a huge need to spread these social activities, within the corporates, among the employees. Through siliconindia.org, we are striving for a well-spread awareness of each of these initiatives."

Along with the corporates, there is also the need to drive the attention towards a community which since long has been striving for the solution of every minute issue in the country - the NGOs. It's about two million NGOs operating in India, but the people with the funds are hardly aware of the majority of them. The new CSR portal will become a podium for every NGO to share their stories and get a mindshare of every corporate body.

The new venture of SiliconIndia will be a platform where different CSR efforts can leverage each others' resources and learnings to provide maximum help to their target communities in India. The program is also inclined to bring in more corporate sponsors for NGOs and also to attract more individual professionals as volunteers and donors.

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