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Julian Assange, the Australian founder of WikiLeaks, the controversial website that has been posting classified government documents, is now being held without bail in the U.K., awaiting extradition to Sweden for questioning regarding an alleged rape. But sensational news aside, his site's recent release of confidential U.S. State Department cables has implications for businesses and corporations with sensitive information...
The proportion of Asia Pacific enterprises viewing cloud computing as relevant to their businesses has doubled to 83 percent over the last 18 months, reveals a survey by VMware Inc. According to the survey results, 76% in India want to virtualize and adopt cloud computing in the next 18 months, which is the highest percentage as compared to other cloud positive countries in the region like Japan and Australia. India scored higher than both Singapore and Malaysia in current Cloud understanding levels.The September survey of 6,953 respondents, conducted by Springboard Research...
Eight years ago, the entire marketing industry went wild with excitement seeing Tom Cruise encountering interactive billboards and iris-triggered direct marketing in Minority Report. The magic, however, remained largely elusive to the common man. On November 16 this year, however, Amsterdan-headquartered Layar closed...
 New Delhi, Dec 24 (IANS) Against the backdrop of India's growing global stature, the external affairs ministry is now compiling a list of Indian experts in international relations to enable it create an interactive platform for enriching the process of policy formulation. The external affairs ministry has partnered with the Jawaharlal Nehru University's...

The rise of the Networked Enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its Payday

McKinsey’s new survey research finds that companies using the Web intensively gain greater market share and higher margins. Every new technology has its skeptics. In the 1980s, many observers doubted that the broad use of information technologies such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) to remake processes would pay off in productivity improvements—indeed, the economist Robert Solow famously remarked, “You can see the computer age...

Using Prizes to spur Innovation

Prizes used to spark innovation are on the rise. Philanthropists—as well as players in the public and private sectors—must understand how to use them in the most effective way. The use of prizes by philanthropies and private businesses to encourage innovation and achieve social benefits is burgeoning...


  New Delhi: Boosted by higher demand, the   fast-growing Indian animation and gaming   industry is expected to be worth $2.5 billion   (Rs 11,435 crore) in the next three years,  says   global consultancy Deloitte...

 Three New Food Channels on TV

  NEW DELHI: Food seems to be the flavour   this  season in the television industry with as   many as three new gourmet channels slated to   be launched soon, starting with Zee Enter
  -tainment.Essel Group company Zee   Entertainment’s new channel, ‘Khana   Khazana’  will go on air from December 8...

 The first ever TV movie based on Satyajit  Ray’s famous detective series to premiere on  1st January, 2011.Disney Channel announces  the premiere of FELUDA – THE KATHMA
 NDU CAPER on January 1, 2011 at 9 am as  the special New Year treat for all Disney  fans. The title is the first ever animated TV  movie based on one of India’s best loved  detective series – Feluda, by globally...


  For the past few months, nearly every week a   new scam has surfaced. When one reads the   newspapers or looks at the television, the   bulk of the space and time appears to be   devoted to discussing a scam, dissecting its   various dimensions, and arriving at a   judgment against one or the other. Indeed   while the national investigating agencies...

  NEW DELHI: Indicating closer ties in the   field   of media, India and France will sign a   film co-  production agreement that will   create greater   opportunity for cultural and   technological   exchange. The I&B ministry   also recently   gave a nod to French news and   current   affairs channel -- France 24...
 Beijing: The state-run China Radio  International is trying to buy frequencies to  launch services in India in a move to widen  its  influence in the country. It currently  broadcasts in four Indian languages - Hindi,  Bengali, Urdu and Tamil - from Beijing. Seen  to be building a web of influence across the  neighbourhood, Beijing runs AM and FM  stations in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and seven...

Rendezvous with Personalities

Wharton's Philip Nichols: 'We Have to Line up Incentives So People Don't Act Corruptly'

India Knowledge@Wharton
Corruption is a global phenomenon -- it afflicts mature economies as well as emerging ones. According to Philip M. Nichols, a professor of legal studies and business ethics at Wharton who has done research on corruption in Europe as well as Asia, corruption distorts economies as well as people who occupy positions of power. The solution, he suggests, is to take measures that increase the psychic, social and transaction costs of being corrupt. If that can be done, corruption can be controlled, if not eliminated...

Media & Entertainment

Colors to Broadcast Indian Version of Guinness World Records

Christened Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega, the show will premiere in early 2011 and is being produced by Miditech. It seems that 2011 shall see the Indian television diaspora offering viewers some newer and more adventurous international formats of reality content - customised for Indian viewers in their Indian avatar...

Dwindling Readership: Are Tabloids the Answer?

They can be, but only if newspapers first work out—and mitigate—the risks. As consumers have increasingly turned to television and the Internet for news, the circulation of paid newspapers has declined—by 2 to 4 percent annually for more than a decade in most developed markets. The trend is set to continue, particularly as growing...


A glimmer of hope for Newspapers

The Internet is driving increased consumption of news, a survey shows, but newspapers can take heart in being the most trusted medium. News consumption in the United Kingdom rose by 20 percent in the past three years, according to new McKinsey research...

Can Research in Motion -- and the BlackBerry -- Prove That It's Hip to be Square?

Though Research in Motion still occupies a dominant position in the U.S. smartphone market, there are rumblings that the Canadian maker of the BlackBerry -- a phone once so addictive to its predominantly corporate audience that it gained the nickname "CrackBerry" -- is in danger of being overshadowed by its rivals. As BlackBerry devices became a staple for corporate...


Makers of Modern India by Ramachandra Guha

Makers of Modern India is a rich and comprehensive repository of India's political traditions. Ramachandra Guha, author of the internationally acclaimed India After Gandhi, profiles nineteen Indians whose ideas had a defining impact on the formation and evolution of our Republic, and presents rare and compelling excerpts from their writings and speeches.These men and women were not only influential political activists ...
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