December 2010
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New Delhi: India is one of the 40 “most-improved economies” that made significant changes in business regulation at a steady pace in 2009 to make it easier for firms to operate, according to a new World Bank report.Since 2005, India has implemented 18 business regulation reforms in seven areas, creating more opportunities for local firms, according to the “Doing Business 2011: Making a Difference for Entrepreneurs” report...
The world's most ambitious and biggest social inclusion program is underway in India, leveraging a massive array of public and private entities, sophisticated biometrics and information technology, and endorsement across political lines. Aadhaar, which means "foundation" or "support" in Hindi, aims to provide unique identification (UID) numbers to some 600 million Indians in the next four years, and cover the rest of the country's population in subsequent years. Aadhaar's driving force and chief evangelist is its...
A lot of people think politics and the corporate world should go hand-in-hand for the existence of both parties. It is based on a well-established notion that business has social as well as economic responsibilities. As Amartya Sen rightly pointed out, the Indian corporate sector has enormously benefited from the country's contributions to its development...
 The India Economic Summit jointly organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been one of the significant events in the corporate calendar for a decade and the recently concluded event in Delhi provided rich food for thought as India sees itself through the lens provided by the partnership talk during...

Google banks on SMEs for India expansion

New Delhi: World's most-used web search tool Google is planning to expand in nearly 30 cities across the country by offering services in eight regional languages within a year to cater to the needs of small businesses. "Our focus is now on small businesses. They are the main driver of our growth. We are doubling our business every year in this segment," Sridhar Seshadri, head of online sales of Google India, told IANS...

India's most powerful Rural Entrepreneurs

Bangalore: Mansukhbhai Jagani, Madanlal Kumawat, Mansukhbhai Patel, Chintakindi Mallesham and Mansukhbhai Prajapati are among Forbes's list of seven most powerful rural Indian entrepreneurs, whose "inventions are changing lives" of the people across the country. IIM-Ahmedabad Professor and Founder of India's Honeybee Network, Anil Gupta...


“All active Tata DoCoMo SIM cards will  automatically be 3G-enabled from midnight of  November 4. For the first seven days, till  November 11, 3G services would be offered  free for customers.” Bangalore: With the  launch of ‘Tata DoCoMo 3G Life', Tata...

 Entertainment Channels mull reality  shows on Politicians

  The launch of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, an eight   part series on the former US vice-presidential
  candidate, on US television has left Indian   broadcast executives wondering if they, too,   could feature political lives on their channels.   Sarah Palin’s Alaska debuted on TLC,   Discovery Communications Inc.’s travel and   lifestyle channel, on US screens on Sunday...

 Mumbai/ Ahmedabad: In a bid to boost  entrepreneurship at its campus, the Mudra  Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad  (MICA) is inaugurating the country's first  ever communications technology based  business incubator. Innovatively named as  the 'Com-cubator', the incubation centre...


  An estimated US$20 billion worth of business   opportunities over the next decade have   begun  rolling out in India with the launch of   a nationwide program named "Aadhaar,"   which  aims to issue 600 million unique   identification  numbers, or UIDs, to residents   over...

 Mumbai: In remarks similar to what Prime  Minister Manmohan Singh also often makes,  U.S. President Barack Obama Sunday said  economic growth cannot be undermined as it  was necessary to lift people out of poverty  and asked young people to join public life...
 Michigan: Following Nikki R Haley's victory  to the Governor Mansion of South Carolina,  making her the second U.S. Indian and fist  female to the chair, Hansen Hashem Clarke,  long time lawmaker in the Michigan state  house and senate, became the first Indian  American candidate to go to the U.S. House  of Representatives from Michigan...

Rendezvous with Personalities

Innovation lessons from Pixar: An interview with Oscar - winning director Brad Bird

What does stimulating the creativity of animators have in common with developing new product ideas or technology breakthroughs? A lot.If there’s one thing successful innovators have shown over the years, it’s that great ideas come from unexpected places. Who could have predicted that bicycle mechanics would develop the airplane or that the US Department of Defense would give rise to a freewheeling communications platform like the Internet? Senior executives looking for ideas about how to make their companies more...

Media & Entertainment

Beyond Paid Media: Marketing's new vocabulary

Changes to the way consumers perceive and absorb marketing messages will force marketers to change not only their thinking but also the way they allocate spending and organize operations.The rough guide to marketing success used to be that you got what you paid for. No longer...

A new world for Brand Managers

CPG companies have created fragmented, overlapping structures that prevent brand and category managers—and the companies themselves—from achieving their full potential. In any successful consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) company, there have always been a few creative marketing integrators who made it tick. They are the brand managers and category...


Rebuilding Corporate Reputations

A perfect storm has hit the standing of big business. Companies must step up their reputation-management efforts in response. As governments respond to the financial crisis and its reverberations in the real economy...

The trust gap between Consumers and Corporations

Sixty-eight percent of executives say that large corporations make a generally or somewhat positive contribution to the public good. Yet only 48 percent of consumers agree. Consumers are less positive than executives are about the contribution that large global companies make to the public good...


Kiran Bedi on Social Initiatives and her new book 'Groom & Broom '

India's first woman IPS officer Dr. Kiran Bedi launched her book “Groom & Broom” . Her conviction and honesty snaps you to immediate attention and for as long as she speaks, every word she says stirs feelings of awe and respect within. Remarkable indeed is the fact that despite pressing commitments and limited time, her attention never once wavered during the interview.Bedi is hopeful that “Groom & Broom”...
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